Play Free Trickster Hearts Online

Trickster Hearts Online

Let the good times roll. Play your favorite game with your friends and relatives, or get paired with other live players who are at your skill level. Trickster Hearts allows you to customize the rules so you may play Hearts the way you want!

When you press “Play,” Trickster Hearts searches for other players depending on their skill and speed. Start playing right away; other players will join when they’re ready. “Play Again” allows you to continue playing with the same group after the game has ended.

Invite friends and family.

Even while you’re separated, play together. When you click “Join,” Trickster Hearts will assist you in inviting friends and family to a game. Turn on alerts to stay up to date on your friends’ games at all times. Game night is now available to you no matter where you are.

Your Rules, Your Home

With configurable rules, you can play Hearts your way. Play solo or with a partner, change the value of the Queen of Spades and Jack of Diamonds, customize scoring when players “Shoot the Moon,” and much more.

Play on Multiple Devices

You’re playing on a PC, but your pals all have iPhones? It’s no issue. Trickster Hearts is compatible with a wider range of devices, allowing you and your pals to play whenever, wherever, and with whoever you choose. On phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, it’s fantastic!

Chat with friends without delay

Using chat presets, you may rapidly express your feelings. Concentrate on the game without being distracted by off-topic remarks. After the game, engage with full chat. Set up a private game with your buddies to utilize full chat whenever you like.

Trickster Hearts App

Trickster Hearts is a Trickster Cards, Inc. iPhone and Android Games App. The developers also added the game app for Windows in Microsoft Store. The developers – Trickster Cards, Inc. – have worked on it extensively, with the most recent version being 2.5.4, which was officially published on 2019-03-08. The app has lots of reviews on Google Play alone, with an average user rating of 4.3 out of a possible 5 stars, indicating its popularity and players` satisfaction.

Main advantages of the app:

  • It’s fast-paced, competitive, and entertaining – and it’s all for free!
  • You’ll be paired with other live players based on your skill level.
  • Option to invite and play with relatives and friends
  • Make advantage of your personal set of home rules.
  • Apps are available on a variety of devices and in a variety of shops.