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Hearts Card Online Game

Hearts is a traditional trick-taking game for a squad of four. Hearts’ goal is to collect as few hearts as possible. You get one penalty point for each heart you collect. There’s also the Queen of Spades, which is a unique card. It penalizes you with 13 points! This is a game where a low score is preferred over a high one.

You choose three cards to pass to one of your opponents when the game begins. The opponent to whom you pass varies. You begin by passing to the opponent on your left, then to the opponent on your right in the next game, then across the table in the third game, in the fourth game, nobody passing the cards.

Each turn begins with one player leading or playing a single card. The trick’s suit is determined by the suit of that card.

After then, each of the other players has a turn playing a card. The same suit as the first card must be played if the player has one. They can play one of their other cards if they don’t. After four cards have been dealt, the player who dealt the highest-ranking card in the initial suit gets the trick, which means he takes the four cards on the table and begins the following turn. The penalty score is increased by any penalty cards in the trick. As a result, you should avoid any tricks with hearts or the queen of spades.

On the opening hand, the player who holds the two of clubs at the start of the game must lead with the two of clubs.

Rules of the Hearts Game

1. When someone obtains a total of one hundred points, the game ends. The player who has the lowest score wins.

2. One point is awarded for each heart. The queen of spades is worth 13 points.

3. The player who played the highest value of the leading suit wins the trick.

4. Unless incapable, the player must follow the leader’s lead.

5. Unless hearts “have been broken,” the lead player cannot play a Heart (were played before).

6. In the first round, the 2 of Clubs always take the lead, and the other players are unable to play a heart or the Queen of Spades.

7. If a player scores 26 points by collecting all 13 cards and the Queen of Spades (also known as “Shooting the Moon”), that player receives 0 points, while the other players receive 26 points each.